Burn More Fat

Burn More Fat

I may not be a fitness expert, but I’m smart enough to know that if you want to lose weight you need to exercise and watch what you eat.
Hopefully this website helps you with the exercise, but what about the eating part of the equation?
I certainly needed help in this area.

Luckily, I joined a great program called Fat Loss for Idiots. Now I admit the name of the program is a bit obnoxious–after all, just because you need help losing weight doesn’t mean you’re an idiot.

However, to their credit, the program is very easy to follow. (So I suppose in that sense it is idiot-proof.)

They show you how to eat while still giving you a lot of flexibility.

Basically, the program is based on an idea known as calorie-shifting. By changing the number of calories you eat each day, you boost your metabolism and thereby burn more fat.

Before I joined, I searched through some weight loss forums to see if others had good things to say about it. To my surprise I found a lot of success stories.

So I decided to give it a try. I was glad to see that it was reasonably priced with only a one-time fee of $39.95. (No monthly membership fees!) And their customer service is excellent.

All in all, this program combined with moderate exercise helped me lose 35 pounds!!!

If you’re interested, check out the Fat Loss for Idiots website.

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