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Exercise Ball Workouts!

Is it any surprise that the use of exercise balls has exploded over the last few years?

Personally, I can’t think of a better way to lose weight
and get in shape than with an exercise ball workout.

That’s why I created ExerciseBallWorkouts.net.

No, I’m not a fitness instructor, or a personal trainer, or
any other kind of health professional. I was simple
attracted to those big, bright-colored balls and thought
to myself, “That looks fun. Why not give it a try?”

So that’s what I did. And here I am today, devoting an entire
website (and many hours of my life!) to a fitness technique
that I just can’t get enough of.

Please have a look around! There are plenty of free
workout plans
 and ball exercises, plus fitness
articles and exercise balls, gear, and videos.

If you’ve never tried using an exercise ball before, you should begin with exercise ball basics.


Have you wondered what health benefits come with
working out with an Exercise Ball. Read about the
Health Benefits of an Exercise Ball here.

The Benefits of Using An
Exercise Ball

• Improved Balance
• Better Coordination
• Increased Flexibility
• Enhanced Muscle Tone
• Stronger CareExercise

Ball are great for
people of all fitness levels,
including seniors & women who are pregnant.

Of course, you should always check
with your doctor first before begining
any exercise program.

Be sure to check out my liabary
of fitness articles.

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• Damaging Your Metabolism
• Quick Weight Loss
• Fat Genes
• Counting Calories
• Glycemic Index Diets
• Losing 20 Pounds in 5 Minutes

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